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8 Ways to Find Your Warrior Spirit as a Woman Entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

As a copywriter who makes her living helping business owners make genuine, heartfelt connections with others, I love it when I receive something valuable, thought provoking, and meaningful in my own inbox.

The other day, Carla Reeves, a kind and gifted mindset coach for hyper-achievers (ahem, 🙋‍♀️) and host of the podcast Move Life Forward, Differently, sent me a gift in the form of an email called “Happiness Takes a Warrior Spirit.”

Hold on…do you really need a “warrior spirit” to be happy?

We all know the answer to that.

Life is messy. We’re called upon to do hard things. And sometimes, life is downright miserable. To find happiness during those times most definitely takes a warrior spirit.

I began my entrepreneurial journey in my late 50s after life threw some particularly nasty curveballs at me.

I’d always thought of myself as a nurturer and supporter of others and was happy in those roles. I never needed to be front and center, running the show.

But in the space of a couple of years, my nest emptied, the mother I adored and cared for died, the business I loved that gave me my start in copywriting closed during the pandemic, the dog rescue I volunteered for folded, and we lost our family business of 48 years.

I was unmoored, adrift.

During that dark and scary time, a light went on.

As I relayed my sorrow at having lost my copywriting job to some smart, savvy, and uplifting business women, a few of them spoke words that would change my life.

“I sure could use someone like you. You should start your own business.”


The idea had never occurred to me before. I had always worked for or with someone else. Becoming an entrepreneur and creating my own business, for and by myself, was never on my radar.

And here I am, doing what I love for clients I love, and finding happiness and fulfillment from something that's all mine.

It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve found happiness with a woman entrepreneur’s warrior spirit.

Inspired by Carla’s original email, here’s my version of how to achieve success and happiness as a woman entrepreneur in a crazy, sometimes difficult, always challenging world.

The Warrior Spirit for Women Entrepreneurs

1. Call out the lies of the mind.

“I’m never going to make this business successful.”

“Putting myself out there is hard for me.”

“I never have enough time.”

These are just a few thoughts that regularly fire in an entrepreneur’s mind. In the moment, it’s easy to feed them and let them grow. But the truth is that thoughts are simply brain activity and not facts! Once you realize this, you can decide where to turn your attention in a positive way.

2. Turn to healthy routines that support your business.

Reliable, replicable systems to manage your daily tasks keep you calm and centered. Tackle things you don’t love doing a chunk at a time and fold it into your schedule. That way, they don't build up to a big, hairy task you can no longer ignore.

3. Take the next right action, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.

Sometimes the next right action is a teeny-weeny step in the right direction. That's okay! And sometimes the next right action is to delegate whatever is keeping you stuck to someone who is better at it or who actually enjoys it. Remember that just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should do it all.

4. Speak gently to yourself.

Give yourself credit for showing up. Lean on affirmations or quotes that pull you forward toward your goals. I put them on sticky notes in places I’ll be sure to see them. One of my favorite quotes is from Audre Lorde: “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” This part of the famous quote by Mariann Williamson always lifts me up: “We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”

5. Shift your focus.

Sometimes you’re too close to your business that all you see is what’s not getting done and all the “shoulds” that are barking in your brain. Instead, focus on being of service. You’re there to make a difference in someone’s life. Take stock of the good you've done for others by rereading a kind word someone has said or a testimonial someone has given you. That simple shift in focus will bring the joy back to your day.

6. Stop the spiral.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do or if self doubt and fear are taking over, take time to remember your “why.” No one tackles entrepreneurship only to make money. There’s a bigger purpose there. What is it? What lights you up? What kind of difference do you want to make in the world? Lean into your purpose and focus on the basics, the most important thing that will get you going again. Let all the other things go for a while until you feel grounded and purposeful again.

7. Stand up.

Show up for your clients with your most authentic self. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for self care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Change your perspective of self care from one of selfishness to one of generosity, because ultimately, you can give more when you have more to give.

8. Take a new inventory.

  • What’s really moving the needle in your business?

  • Is it what you love doing?

  • What would you rather not do if you could?

  • Is there any way to beef up the good and eliminate or off-load the challenging?

Keep fine tuning until you’re doing more of the things that make a difference and fill you up. Make a date with yourself at regular intervals to take stock of what's going well and what needs to change.

Being a woman in business for yourself can bring up all kinds of emotions. Sometimes you feel on top of it all, sometimes you feel it all on top of you!

It takes a warrior spirit to find contentment and success during the journey. That warrior is within you, and she's ready to walk along side, cheering you on all the way.

Thank you, Carla, for inspiring me to take stock of where I’ve been, where I am, and the warrior spirit it took to get me here.

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If you're ready to tackle your warrior spirit by offloading your business writing responsibilities, reach out. Hiring a professional copywriter is an investment in your business, but it also frees up time and headspace that can be devoted elsewhere. You can schedule a complimentary chat with me to see if tossing your writing hat to me might embolden your warrior spirit!

You can find Carla at Listen to her podcast HERE.

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