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Authentic launch copy that resonates with your ideal clients.

Sales copywriting for online entrepreneurs 

that gives your prospects the blissful confidence to say,

"This is exactly what I need!"

If you have an online course, program, or package, you need sales copy!


You've created a stellar offer,

one that's going to make meaningful transformations for your clients.

To get people excited about your program, you need sales copy that weaves together:
  • Connection to attract your vision-aligned clients in ways that feel good (no icky-salesy vibes here!)

  • Communication that shows you understand your clients' pain points and can help in your unique way.

  • Conversion to turn browsers into buyers.

Proud to be trusted by:

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Certified by:

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You've poured your heart and soul into creating a program that's going to make a real difference.

You've got killer materials, you've tested the market, you're itching to help your people.

The only problem're wearing ALL the hats:

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. CEO, Head Honcho, whatever you call it, you're the brains and often the brawn of the operation.

Social Media Manager. Firing up your social media on the regular hoping to appease the algorithm gods.

Chief of Acquisitions. List building till the cows come home.

Mom/Daughter/Sister/Friend. The beloved roles we play in the lives of those we love most.

Volunteer/Hobbyist/Athlete/Weekend Warrior. All the things you squeeze in...when you can.

That's a lot of headgear, my friend.

And sometimes those hats come with unwanted adornments like:


Perfectionism. That niggling brain itch that keeps you tweaking and tinkering, never really satisfied.

Procrastination. With all those hats, it's easy to find other things to do when you're feeling unsure or when you'd rather do anything other than write.

Never enough time. ​You're pulled in so many directions you have little time to focus on what lights you up, the whole reason you began your business in the first place.

You can invest a heckuva lot of money, time, and energy into all these things...

...and still wind up with results that are lackluster. Humdrum. Even worrisome.

Hang onto those many hats perched on your head because...

...a successful, feel-good, sold-out launch
isn't about doing more,
it's about connecting more.

But how do you find time to make connections when you're doing SO many other things??

If only you could toss a few of those hats to someone who...

Understands long-form conversion copy.

Uses voice of customer research to create punchy copy coaxed from the minds of your fav clients.

Knows how to create authentic connections without salesy language.

Can whip up conversational, friendly emails that develop and nurture relationships.

Loves flexing her creative muscles with digital freebies and lead magnets that people are excited to download.

Enjoys working closely with you so that my copy reflects your authentic voice.

Well, hey there! Toss away!  As a sales copywriter, this is my jam.

"With Melissa's sales copywriting expertise, I launched an $8k program and filled a group coaching program in 3 weeks." 
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I struggled with having confidence in using my voice and sharing my message, knowing there are specific elements that you MUST HAVE in your written messaging but not being able to create those - because I was IN my business rather than observing my business. It's like trying to read the ingredients label from inside a bottle of vitamins. Melissa's magic is taking my message, sentences, content, and intention and weaving it into a piece of writing that is 100% more complete and rich than I could. I am a coach, an animal communicator, teacher, and mentor...I am not a writer by profession. I love knowing that I have a heart based, professional writer on my team to support this aspect of my business.  

Kristin Hadley, Founder, Owner, and CEO Soulful Abundance with Kristin Hadley

Hi! I'm Melissa~

A sales copywriter. A launch strategist.

A weaver of words, if you will.

I'm a desert-dweller who loves:

  • Dog rescue - I'm much better at the take 'em in part, not so much the adopt 'em out part.

  • The beach - We get 300 days of sun here. When parched is a state of being, the beach is my cure.

  • The power of heartfelt words - I have yet to buy a greeting card with more than a line or two...gotta scribble all over, front and back!


And...I love weaving threads of:

  • emotional techniques,

  • solid strategy,

  • and deep-dive research

that makes prospects want to go ALL IN with you. 

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If you've got an offer ready to launch

{and you'd like to ditch the writing hat},

let's weave together some words that work.


Here's how I 
inspire action and make you money:



VIP Sales Page Service

Using my signature Tapestry Method, I'll weave together compelling sales copy that meets your prospects where they're at and takes them on a nod-in-agreement journey...right to the checkout page. They'll happily hit the Buy Now Button, eager for the transformations they know you'll provide.

Starting at $1,500


Digital Lead Magnets

Everyone loves a good sample! Lead magnets give your prospects a little taste of what it would be like to work with you. We'll provide an introductory offer that's so valuable, people will think, "This is so good, I can only imagine what the paid program will be like!"

Starting at $300


Email Sequences

Email might not be as jazzy as social media, but with massive ROI, it’s THE most effective way to develop relationships with new and current clients. They are an intimate, friendly, and personal way to deliver value. Welcome, pre-launch, launch, and nurture sequences are important parts of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Packages starting at $500


Custom Packages

If you're not sure what you need or you need other types of messaging like website copy, landing pages, funnel strategy, or anything else, I'm happy to create a custom package that meets your needs.

Pricing Varies

How do I weave sales pages that connect, communicate, and convert?

Allow me to introduce:

The Tapestry Method
my signature system for sales copy creation

Final Warp Graphic.png


Your Messaging Foundation

I'll do a deep dive with you and your program to get a clear understanding of your goals and your voice so that your copy sounds like it came from YOU, not a template or a snoozefest AI creation.

Copy of Final Weft Graphic.png


Finding Golden Threads

I'll conduct research by interviewing a few of your perfect-fit clients to discover why your program made them successful and over-the-moon happy. These golden threads resonate with others looking for the same results.

Final Weave Graphic.png



This is where I get to work - and you do whatever the heck you want! I'll weave together my research with emotive writing skills to craft messages in an authentic, compelling way. I'll meet your prospects where they're at and strategically lead them to hit that Buy Now button with enthusiasm.




I'll keep you in the loop throughout the process so you'll never wonder where I'm at. I'll present copy that represents YOUR vision, thoughtfully woven with research, strategy, and a lot of care.

It's your vision, your idea, your messaging tapestry!

Tapestry Metod
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The results?

  • Crystal clear communication about the transformation your course or program provides.

  • Your ideal clients happily sign up for the program that's going to make a difference in their lives.

  • You make money by fulfilling your purpose, the desire to be the pebble that creates waves of positivity for you clients, your community, your world.

  • You toss the writing hat, giving you the freedom to devote your time where it's needed most, whether it's volunteering in the kids' classroom, creating your next offer, or some much needed time in nature with a juicy just-for-pleasure book.

"Melissa's sales copy and social media work helped me land more clients..."
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Melissa's sales copy and social media work helped me land more clients because she was able to take my words and level them up, time and time again, so that my voice was still there but the message was conveyed clearly and with emotion that grabbed attention to help the reader see themselves in the copy. 

Kathy D, Founder, Savvy Maven LLC

"My business is flourishing because of you."
Diane and Dogs(2).png

My new website is beautiful! And then the blogs and emails and posts on FB are incredible. I started to notice that the clients coming in started asking different questions and becoming new customers. I am in awe all the time with her words and what she creates because writing is not my specialty. My business is flourishing because of you.

Diane Dewberry, Founder, Owner, CEO The Healthy Animal Healing Center

Ready to launch

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Fill out this quick application to find out if we're a dream-team in the making. 


We'll book a Zoom call so I can get all the deets on your business, your offers, and your goals. I'll share with you how I can help you.

I'll create a customized proposal for you based on what we discovered together. Sign the contract, pay your deposit, and I'll secure your dates.

I'll begin weaving word magic!

"Melissa created a website that evokes the exact emotions we want guests to feel at our property."
Kathy and Diane on kayak.jpg

When we were launching our AirBNB we had a very distinct, specific vibe in mind that we needed to curate through the website layout, the color scheme, and of course, the words written on all the pages - this was our way to authentically connect with prospective guests. Everything was exactly what we envisioned! Without Melissa's sales copywriting expertise, we never would have gotten our website and companion email campaign to convey the sense of peace and restoration that we wanted for our AirBNB property. 

Kathy & Diane, Owners, Pine Chalet LLC

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Professionally written sales pages and email sequences are long-term money generators.

And having a launch copywriter on your team leads to some other amazing wins:

  • The freedom to invest your time where it's needed most instead of staring at a blank screen, the flashing cursor mocking you.

  • Reaching the people craving the transformations you provide in the program you've poured your heart and soul into creating.

  • Attracting the right people who actually BUY.

  • Real ROI for the nose-to-the-grindstone, caffeine fueled creative work you've put into your program's creation.

  • A teammate who genuinely cares about your success.

Words to live by:

But don't take my word for it. 


"Less stress, fantastic results, and increased traffic...that's a win all around!"

When it was first introduced to me that I should work with a sales copywriter, I immediately shot down the idea, thinking there is NO WAY that they could get up to speed on my business, understand what is in my head or sound like my voice.

BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  After dipping my toe in the water with her, I was HOOKED! Her recommendations to start interviewing my customers was eye-opening. She pulled things out of my clients that I had never heard before. 

Hiring Melissa was the best decision I've ever made.  It took all the stress out of writing and as a BONUS my customers now mostly come from Google - not paid ads.

Sauers-2020 (1).jpg

Kim Sauer, Founder, Owner, CEO Sit n' Stay Dog Training

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New favorite word:

Your passion and your expertise are one in the same. That's why you created your course or program.

Writing and marketing *might not* be where you want to spend your time and energy.

And even if you enjoy the writing aspect, just because you CAN do doesn't mean you SHOULD do.


That's the beauty of being your own boss! 😎

Savvy business owners delegate things that aren't in their wheelhouse or that they don't enjoy.

Writing sales copy and creating sales pages, emails, and lead magnets is what I'm trained to do...and I LOVE it.

If you'd like to take off your marketing and writing hats, I'd love to have a no-pressure chat to find out if I might be able to help.

Ready to make more impact, more money, and take your time back? 

This quick, painless questionnaire will help me understand you and your biz
so I'm sure I'm the right one to help you. 

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